Monday, April 21, 2014

According to study, wood windows provide the best insulation than any other window material. Wood is a little more expensive than vinyl and aluminum. Hardwood or solid wood is even more expensive they are the perfect material used when constructing windows. First solid wood provides better insulation than ordinary wood or softwood. They are strong resistance to rotting, moisture, warping and shrinking. Windows are constantly exposed to extreme weather condition and a long and lasting one is of the utmost importance. If you are looking for windows made from solid wood, it is best if you consult professionals who construct wood windows because they will be able to give you pieces of advice on what types of wood is best for the climate you experience locally. Here are the types of solid wood materials used for constructing woods:

Mahogany Windows

One of the most common types of hardwood is mahogany. Mahogany is popularly used for cabinetry and flooring because of its high durability. Mahogany can primarily be found in the tropical regions. These are dense hardwood and is characterizes by its straight and tight grains. Mahogany has natural resistance to moist and bugs. This type of solid wood for wood windows are highly durable than cedar or any other wood types. They are perfect for window shutters as they provide enough protection from strong winds and rain. The only disadvantage of mahogany is its high price. Because mahogany is becoming scare, its price doubles and even triples the price of cedar.


Composite is also another hardwood that is commonly used for wood window construction. Although composite is not made from natural woods, they are popular because of their extreme durability. Composite is made from glues, sawdust and resins. This type is not influenced by moist, direct heat of the sun, and even bugs. The only drawback of composite is its expensive price.

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