Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Your garden may be winding down for the winter, but it doesn’t have to!  A simple cold frame can provide a perfect micro-climate for growing vegetables to extend the garden season.  A cold frame, like the one pictured above, is essentially a bottomless box that sits right on the ground.  It should face south so the slanted glass door on the top will allow sunlight to heat things up.

You can actually start sowing seeds of your cold frame crops, such as scallions, chard, parsley, escarole, endive, dandelion, radicchio and carrots as early as mid-summer.  If inspiration to start a winter garden hasn’t come until now, try planting arugula, mâche (a salad green), spinach, claytonia, radishes, and lettuce, and in just a few weeks, you’ll have a fresh harvest!

Keep in mind the temperature inside the cold frame should remain below 60°F during winter days.  Simply lift and prop up the lid 6″ when the temp is supposed to go above 40°F during the day.  You can even install temperature-activated ventilating arms to make easy work of it.  Add a bit of insulation (old blankets, straw, newspaper, etc.) on top of the glass lid on really frigid nights.  A light layer of snow on the lid is okay for several days.

You can even overwinter tender or tropical plants in a cold frame!

Cold frames are also useful for growing seedlings of arugula, beets, broccoli, cabbage, chard, kale, radish, scallions and spinach in late winter.  In early spring, sow seeds of peas, bulb onions, potatoes or even tomato seedlings.

Be sure to water your cold frame plants about once a week, or open the lid on rainy days.

During summer, if your cold frame can be repositioned, face it north to protect and encourage fall and winter flowering plants.  The temperature inside should stay below 75°F  during summer.

Keep it growing with a cold frame!

How to lose 10 to 20 pounds in 3 months: is that your goal?  Well, Rand & Merry Soellner did just that.  Hes an Architect and shes a Real Estate Broker.  This article features 10 ideas.  None of them is hard or unpleasant.

Rand was at 206 pounds, the heaviest hes ever been about 3 months ago, and Merry was heavier than she had been .  Rand is now maintaining around 189 pounds, what he considers to be a doable weight, but would like to perhaps get down another 10 pounds, to 179, which he believes is closer to his ideal weight.  He is about 6-2 tall.  Some people might say he is okay at around 200 pounds, but he can tell and knows that his body fat percentage is too high.  Some of that correction could be handled by exercise.

1.  VEGAN DIET Merry Soellner is a vegan vegetarian 95% of the time.  That means she doesnt typically eat meat of any kind, including fish.  Nor dairy products .  She has a mainly plant-based diet.  Once in a big while, she will have a cheese pizza, but not too often.  And also perhaps some fish, but not often.

2.  CONVENIENCE EATING CAN BE A GOOD THING Rand Soellner is a guy, which means he is a creature of convenience and will eat just about anything set in front of him by his wife.  This means, that while he remains an omnivore, his diet has been much reduced in animal protein, in favor of primarily plant-based food.  HOWEVER: he cheats: he regularly will spice-up his wifes vegan fare with turkey pepperoni, grated cheese, and will have the occasional fast-food burger and shake and the like, when he is on the road on business, driving to his clients building sites.  The idea is that the main percentage of his diet has changed to plant-based.  And when he does indulge in fast-food on the road, there is zero snacking between meals .  And he rarely gets fries and never has any McDonalds or other restaurant super-size his meals.  Medium size is good enough.

3.  WALK MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY: ITS EASY AND FEELS GOOD Rand, while leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle, also makes sure to walk about 1.5 miles a day .  He and his wife have a dog and every couple of hours, he leaves the sitting position to walk the dog along a route that taken 4 or 5 times a day, adds up to 1.5 miles.  He strides swiftly, also moving his arms, trying to use up calories .  His doctor has informed him that he needs to increase his heart and breathing rates while doing this, in order for this to be effective.  In other words, if you putter along at a mile an hour, thats probably not going to be as beneficial as a swifter rate.  What rate is good for you depends on your condition and what your physician advises.  For gosh sakes, do not cause yourself a heart attack while trying to improve your health by reducing weight.  And Rands physician has not advised running, which is high-impact and can be harsh on hip, knee and ankle joints .

4.  CHANGE SNACKING Like many people, Rand and Merry have historically been snackers.  Rand said that this, in his opinion, is the main thing to control.  He feels that if you can stop snacking altogether , you will probably experience faster weight loss.  If you dont have the willpower to not snack, then substitute a healthy snack, like carrot sticks, celery or other munchie that tastes good to you and satisfies your hunger, but doesnt add fattening pounds.  If the carrots or celery by themselves dont satisfy you, then include a bit of something tasty on the end, but dont overdo this.  Sugary snacks, are, in Rands opinion, one of the deadliest causes of obesity.  I used to eat perhaps over a pound of chocolate a week; sometimes more. That kept me going for 20 hours a d

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“Any bathroom, beyond being a room of resting, cleaning and grooming, is a place to share one’s body language with oneself,” said designer Elina Katsioula-Beall of DeWitt Designer Kitchens. Leading the design transformation of a common galley bath in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Katsioula-Beall took a cue from the curves found in nature. “[Bathrooms] provide the freedom to behave naturally, the way an animal would behave in its natural environment,” she added. Seeking inspiration from the environment, Katsioula-Beall studied the flow of curves in various forms, including leaves and seashells. “I started with a combination of S-shapes and thought of a swirling dance,” she said. Merging into an arched pony-wall that shelters the toilet, the vanity’s S-shape maximizes the space inside the drawers as it floats above a glass countertop. The glass sink Read more…

Photographer: Romain Bernardie James Stylist: Margarita Zubatova Model: Yulia Lobova Make-up artist: Emilie Peltier Assistant: Renaud Morin

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the holiday season. I love the music. I love the company. I love the food. And I definitely love the lights.  From homes decked out from top to bottom in lights to those that have subtle candles in the window, they all make me smile.

Growing up, my mom always did something different with the front of the home. At the end of the day, our family, our neighbors and our friends loved whatever she did, but she never enjoyed the process of putting them up. She would sometimes complain about the time it took and how difficult some of it was and whether it was worth it. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on no-hassle outdoor holiday lighting that you can sit back and just enjoy. Our

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Halloween is quickly approaching and while I’m not usually one for playing dress up, I couldn’t resist sharing these adorable pictures of H&M’s All for Children Collection of Halloween costumes for kids! The looks are all inspired by an 18th century masquerade ball so you can dress your kiddo as a plundering pirate, a hooded batman, a mini Marie Antoinette, a little mermaid and more! And the bonus? 25% of the proceeds from the sale of this collection benefits UNICEF. I’m a little jealous that the collection is just for the kids! If H&M made costumes for adults this cool I’d certainly dress up this year. Have a look at the slideshow and be prepared for cuteness overload!

Im absolutely loving San Francisco interior designer, Gary Spains, decor style.  Modern, colourful, eclectic and extravagent are words which spring to mind- it just goes to show what you can achieve when you think outside the box in terms of design and decor.

The rich yellow colour of the chairs and framed picture look stunning against the patterned wallpaper and wooden flooring.  These rooms may look thrown together but in reality, a huge amount of thought has gone into every piece of furniture and its placing.

Against all odds, the mix of pattern, colour and texture really works in this room above!

This bathroom is to die for!!

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